Change ip address using simple trick. Only for bsnl broadband users!!

1.) First type in your address bar and press enter. You will get a pop-up as shown in the preview asking for username and password.
If you are using bsnl broadband connection via Ethernet cable then and if you are using bsnl broadband via USB cable then Rest all procedure is same for both..
Type the username: admin and password : admin. Its common for all and incase if ur service provider is using something different then ask them for the same.. Then press OK..

2.) Click on "WAN" from the list of options..

3.) Here under PPPoE/PPPoA and in AUTHENTICATION first keep the option "PAP" anc click on APPLY and check whether your ip address is changed or not.. If its not changed then select the option "CHAP" and click on APPLY. Do this untill IP ADDRESS CHANGES.. Usually two or three times will do the work for you..

4.) Keep refreshing the Rapidshare site to check whether the IP ADDRESS is changed or not. RAPIDSHARE tracks your IP ADDRESS when u download a file and when you start to download another file it asks to purchase PREMIUM account. So if you change the IP ADDRESS it wont recognize your previous download and you can download as many times you change your IP ADDRESS. If you successfully change your IP ADDRESS then u can download as much as you want from RAPIDSHARE... One of the biggest and fastest one-click file hosts in the world. There are many other methods also to change the Ip Address and Download unlimited from Rapidshare.. This is a simple trick i accidently discovered!!